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I'm a Dorklord.

Steam: TehRealSmuffins34
PSN: Smuffins34
GT: DJ Don Burke

Proudly finished Dark Souls II three times, aiming to record sometime during the year. I post random stuff about games i'm playing, music i'm listening to, and feelings :)




One of the best ending moments in a movie.

I love this film with my entire being

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why does gon have one outfit. leorio wears suits. kurapika probably wears different sweats each day along with that decorative carpet. killua has a different outfit each episode. some of his clothes don’t look even remotely alike. he has hoodies and jeans like a normal child. the only time he’s worn an outfit repeatedly is when he doesn’t have access to other clothes. gon has one outfit. just one outfit. he’s worn one outfit for an entire show. one outf

There’s this anime protag from an anime called zero no tsukaima who wears the same freaking outfit for ALL THREE DAMN SEASONS, and if he’s not wearing it he’s either naked or half naked!




how all guys should react if a girl doesn’t want to.

how all girls should react if a guy doesn’t want to.

how anyone should react to anyone that doesn’t want to

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Looking forward to being able to sleep in again <3


I hear you’ve been telling all your friends that you’re done with me like you always knew things wouldn’t work out. And I’ve been hearing things from people that I don’t want to talk to, like it matters who you’re sleeping with now. Can I erase from my mind anything that you said or any time that we spent with each other? I don’t want to waste away another cell on a memory when you’re just another meaningless lover. Forget the nights that we spent laughing until the morning on your bedroom floor without a thought about your roommate asleep down the hall. Forget the days we’d waste in bed, tangled, the smoke still on your breath, undressed and pinning you up to the wall. I swore I heard you talking when I was tossing in my sleep. You were always trying to walk in circles around me. I was out one night when I saw you and you froze me where I stood. I would hate you if I could. I would hate you but I’m not finished yet. Even you, up on that pedestal, the time will come when you will deconstruct yourself and remake what you are. When it does you’ll remember me and the words I spoke and wonder how you ever could have strayed so far.


Blink 182 - I Miss You
not my photo just my edit


Blink 182 - I Miss You

not my photo just my edit

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i was rlly alright yesterday like i managed to stand and do some small jobs but i forgot my medication and i might have overexerted myself bc i feel rlly lightheaded and sick today?? even tho ive been sleeping good hours n i just want to make at least the last week of school…

take it easy, don’t want you getting sicker :)

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playing a game for nostalgia but realizing you’re going to have to fight that boss again


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